Save_Poor_Orphaned_Children is a Community Based Organization that grounded its roots in Buziba village in the parish of Wangobo, within Nabukalu sub-county in the Bugiri District.


Our Support Programs

We give Our Best to the Children

Education Support

We Support the Education of Poor Children in Eastern Uganda with Books, Schoolfees and other Scholastic Materials.

Feeding & Nutrition Programs

We support underprivilaged Children and Women in Rural areas of Eastern Uganda with Food Supplies to avert Hunger.

Health Service

Through Save_Poor_Orphaned_Children_Uganda, health facilitation in child protection is the key to life.

Support unlimited

Save_Poor_Orphaned_Children_Uganda, decided to extend support unlimitedly to Esiram Godfrey is 11 years old living in Mabala, Tororo district because without being helped the hope might be very little.

Love & Support

Love is a key expression we would extend share whatever organization has with the child. It is evident that he is lame to no better of writing or do work but needs life. The organization also distributes the received food to distanced orphaned children from the head office, which requires transport facilitation often.


Save_Poor_Orphaned_Children_Uganda located in Bugiri district is dedicated to making regular visits to the identified children, search for more children and verify for need support in the Eastern region like Tororo district. Also ensure that effective monitoring and evaluation of supported activities are well implemented to the beneficiaries.


The project resource needs include.

Recruitment of qualified professionals in child protection of Community Based Organization work.

Finance to support that is unlimited for project endurance in 20,000,000 Uganda SHS, every month. And 240,000,000 per annual budget

The project needs transport facilitation to the field like Tororo district, for effective monitoring, distribution and reach out and meet general expenses required such as stationery.

The projects need school facilities such as school fees, books, pens, uniform, shoes for the orphaned children already in school due to start in January 2021. Also other 20 children who want to join school but are not in school now.

The project need to meet the SOPs requirements of Ministry of Health to operate. These include hand washing facility, its stand, and soap

Indicators of the project activities &

The assumptions for the project

Provide child protection to the Ugandan orphaned children in their homes that include Education, Health service, Foods, Child Counseling in a continuous plan.