Save_Poor_Orphaned_Children is a Community Based Organization that grounded its roots in Buziba village in the parish of Wangobo, within Nabukalu sub-county in the Bugiri District.


Who We Are

The project served by Save_Poor_Orphaned_Children focuses at improving child protection among orphaned children in homes of Eastern Uganda (Tororo, and Bugiri) districts to prepare a better future for disadvantaged Ugandan hence a wellbeing society or community development in the next generation. Hope to expand to other districts as well.

Our Aim

The project’s will is to promote and provide special needs that include Health, Education, Security, Food and other services like child counseling to identified orphaned children in Eastern Region of Uganda towards empowering them for their future to be abled Ugandans in future generation.

About us
Over 53 children become abused to child protection every year by their parents or guardians denying access to special needs like Health, Education, Security, Food and other services like child counseling in Bugiri district. It’s from this background; the organization focuses to promote its objective of child protection among the orphaned Children in Eastern Ugandan districts namely Bugiri, and Tororo and expected to expand the operations in future.

Eastern part of Uganda, covering a population of 476,100 and with 262,040 children of the population. Despite the increasing population among children in Bugiri district, there is a worrying increasing number of orphaned children who end up on the street due to various reasons most especially the incapacitated parents to provide the necessary needs to their children.

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Food Support

Unlimited Support

We Support the Children

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Our Monthly Costs!

Food $200
  • Supports 20 Children
  • 10 Families
  • With Rice and other Foods
Education $415
  • Education for 30 Children
  • Support for 3 Terms
  • With Scholastic Materials
Housing $652
  • Building of the Orphange
  • Building Houses for the Old
  • Rent for Organisation